About Us

PM Holding is an investment company focused on growth and innovation across the entire value chain of the life sciences industry.

With a diverse set of experiences, skills, and track record in the industry, PM Holding commits a sustainable development for its’ companies, partners, entrepreneurs, and stakeholders around the world.

Having locations in Europe and UK, PM Holding offers deep knowledge and  experience in incubation, seed investment, corporate strategy development, and  enhancing the operating capabilities of the companies.

Incubation and Seed Investments

We provide both funding and management expertise to help inventors get their ideas into the marketplace. The very experienced management and outstanding track record of PM Holding make us the ideal incubator to organisations and entrepreneurs who seek to benefit from long-term value.

Technology and Innovation

PM Holding brings a full complement of know-how that effectively bridges strategy, technology and innovation in the life science industry. The structured methodology and proven success of our work derive from the t-shaped skills which is the unique combination of business domain expertise and technology management.


PM Holding, through its companies, has been advising and consulting organisations in
life sciences that want to transform their ways of working, to harness the full
potential of their investment in technology and processes. Engaging with the best of
breed partners and enabling its’ proficient consultant network, PM Holding
companies practice a result-oriented approach that assures a high-value
business performance.

Business Services

Through its companies, PM Holding enables a wide range of business services from
design to deployment of new business models with the experience acquired by
accomplishing complex projects, start-up management, merger and acquisition,
product development, and business transformation. PM Holding companies provide
the capacity and resources to build and provide value-added business services such
as outsourcing, service delivery, management and governance.

Why PM Holding