PM Holding companies encompass the entire value chain that supports the Life Science companies to improve patients’ engagement and user experience through technology, data and streamlined processes.

We have outstanding achievements and experience in clinical trials from feasibility to submission, therapeutics development supported by innovative technologies, enabling data-driven management across the workflows involving Pharmacovigilance, achieving operational excellence via digital transformation and optimization, besides leveraging the competence of customers by consultancy and training services.

PM Holding companies offer fascinating career opportunities in Life Science for professionals and talents having a growth mindset and enjoying the diversity in a vibrant culture.

CROS NT was founded by Paolo Morelli in 1992, and under his leadership the company became a global scaled CRO (Contract Research Organization) with offices in Italy, the UK, and the US, creating an outstanding difference in developing therapeutics for patients among more than 500 projects accomplished with success.

In June 2021, Alira Health, a leading international healthcare and life sciences advisory services firm, acquired CROS NT. 

This thrilling acquisition was a pivotal step for CROS NT, to contribute to Alira Health’s mission of healthcare transformation, creating value for patients. CROS NT brought global biometrics capabilities to Alira Health’s Regulatory, Clinical and Real-World Evidence (RWE) practices.

Paolo Morelli is still in Alira Health’s leadership team as the Executive Vice President, Biometrics. He is leading the growth of Alira Health’s Data Science services.

Founded in 2010, Arithmos is a PM Holding company of Consulting, Technology and Services for the Life Science industry.

Arithmos is a long-standing Partner and Service Provider across Clinical Development, Regulatory and Compliance, Quality Management, Pharmacovigilance, and Medical Affairs domains.

Arithmos supports pharmaceutical, biotechnology, nutraceutical, medical device, universities, hospitals and non-profit organisations to gain the best business value through technology-enabled solutions and achieve excellence in business operations.

With more than 60 professionals in the Life Sciences industry, Arithmos is an international and rapidly expanding company based in Verona with offices in Rome, Milan (at MIND, Milan Innovation District), Bergamo and Knutsford (UK).

seQure, based in Italy, was founded in 2014 by Paolo Morelli, providing consultancy and services in Pharmacovigilance, Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs. With a quality-driven culture and customer-oriented service management approach, the company became one of the outstanding providers in the Life Sciences industry.

In July 2022, we successfully merged Arithmos and seQure, with the mission to become a Strategic Partner providing end-to-end services for customers. 

The Clinical Quality Assurance Company is an Arithmos company, acquired in November 2022.

The CQA Company is a UK-based clinical Quality Assurance consultancy company operating in the GxP environment. The company provides Clinical Quality Services to pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device companies, charities and education facilities.

The CQA Company’s services include: Auditing, Good Clinical Practice (GCP), Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Good Clinical Laboratory Practice (GCLP), Good Distribution Practice (GDP), Pharmacovigilance (GVP), and these services are delivered worldwide.

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