Our Values

There are essentially 5 core values cherished within PM Holding that derive from a commitment to the economic and social well being of its employees and a genuine commitment to customer care.

With a diverse set of experiences, skills, and track record in the industry, PM Holding commits a sustainable development for its’ companies, partners, entrepreneurs, and
stakeholders around the world.
Having locations in Europe and UK, PM Holding offers deep knowledge and
experience in incubation, seed investment, corporate strategy development, and  enhancing the operating capabilities of the companies.

Timely and accurate communication is essential to achieve the objectives and assure the satisfaction of all stakeholders.
Continuous innovation is needed to meet changing market demands, improve efficiency and exceed expectations.
Passion is vital to ensure sustainable quality, excellent services and exquisite team engagement.
Trusting and empowering the teams leads to more prominent commitment and greater success that secure a long-term rewarding business relationship.
We believe in the value of sustainability:

  • creating an inclusive and sustainable economic growth.
  • Guaranteeing social inclusiveness, employment and poverty reduction.
  • Reducing our environmental impact.
  • Respecting diversity and heritage.

We are very proud to sustain:

Caritas Bergamo

Business Principles

PM Holding has been committed to the principle of
«fair and honest dealings» with all our stakeholders since the creation of the business.

The PM Holding Business Principles are therefore a reaffirmation of the ethical standards that have always sustained the company and ventures.

They serve as a framework which defines the scope and the minimum standards adhered to within the individual PM Holding companies.

This allows for a consistent and ethical approach across the affiliates and initiatives.

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